A white man with blue hair is holding a tabby cat and smiling.

Passer Vulpes Productions

Australian Audio Fiction Producers

About Us

We're a duo of creative people in Melbourne, Australia.
We believe audio drama is an underrated medium for fiction, and we produce well rounded and uniquely Australian shows.

A white man with blue hair is holding a tabby cat and smiling.

Erin Kyan with his cat, Boop.

Erin Kyan

Erin is a fat, queer, disabled, trans Leather man who strongly believes in the transformative power of art and emotion.

A writer and speaker who turns his attention to many different media, including outside of audio drama, Erin performs original spoken word pieces during performing arts festivals, periodically speaks on panels about disability and queer issues, occasionally writes small interactive fiction games, and publishes personal and visceral poetry zines.

You can learn more about Erin via his website, erinkyan.com.

Lee Davis-Thalbourne

Lee is a gentle cat lover with a passion for statistics and data. He is a bisexual cis man who lives with his partner and co-producer Erin in St Kilda, with their two cats, Tribble and Boop.

Lee has been helping out behind the scenes in many productions and demonstrations over the years (both live and digital), as well as front of house duties. Love and Luck is the first production where he is taking a more central role.

A white man has a ginger tabby cat standing on his shoulders.

Lee Davis-Thalbourne with his cat, Tribble.

Our Shows

The Logo for the Love and Luck Podcast.

The Love and Luck Podcast's Logo

Love and Luck

Love and Luck is Australia’s first LGBT audio drama podcast. It’s a sweet queer love story with a touch of magic, told via voicemails.

The story is about people who fall in love, learn they have magic powers, and use those powers to support and protect their community. The good guys win, no one dies, and queer people of all types are all loved and valued.

Made for people who like healthy relationships and happy endings, Love and Luck’s goal is to bring a few minutes of warmth and happiness to listeners once a week.

Set in Melbourne, Australia in the present day, the world of Love and Luck is populated with many real life queer Melbourne people, events and places alongside its fictional characters.

For more information on Love and Luck, check out the website at loveandluckpodcast.com.

The cover art for Floodlight Viscera.

Cover Art for Floodlight Viscera

Floodlight Viscera

Floodlight Viscera is a personal poetry mini zine about feelings, written and read by Erin Kyan and released on the 21st of each month.

FLV is written with little to no filter and minimally edited and rehearsed, in order to encourage a more raw and... well, visceral connection to the audience.

More information, as well as issues and episodes, can be found via the website, at floodlightviscera.com.


We're currently working on two new shows due to launch in 2019!

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